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    Magazines?  How many can you keep?

      I'm just getting used to my NT (I have a 1st edition, so didn't really see the need previously to get magazines).   With the NT, National Geographic - One Year Subscription  looks soooooooooo good, and I like to keep some (well most) of the issues.  I know it has come up before, because I had heard that if youd don't read them in time or archive them, they get deleted (and unfortuantly I seemed to get the magazine at a cusp time, withing a few days of ordering the magazine the next edition came out)...so I was wondering if anyone knew, or point me to where I can find out...because the reason I LIKE have a the digital form for these (and in this case, I don't mind paying a bit more for the digital edition)is that I don't have to find space for all those copies...they pile up super duper fast...

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          My only long-standing subscription right now is The Writer.

          All the issues I've downloaded (going back to July) are still on & readable by my N2E.

          My Nook library online will only show the most rescent 4.

          Other inactive subscriptions have let me retain the issues, no matter whether archived ot not.

          When I'm near Wi-Fi again, I'll try archiving some of those older Writer issues and see if they show up in my library online & provide an update.

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            Page 108 of the manual, "Automatic Deletion of Periodical Issues", explains what the various retention policies are.


            As always, I recommend making backups of any digital products that you want to keep. Don't rely on B&N or anybody else to keep them available, and don't rely on your NOOK (which can go from "fine" to "irreparable" in the time it takes to fall a few feet to the floor).