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    Hiding (archiving) read books

      This should be simple. On myNook color when I completed a book I could archive it and it would be moved out of my library. On my HD+ I've created an archive shelf , have moved read books there but they are still showing in my library. How can I change this? I read so much that I like to separate what I've read and what I havent. I've also tried moving them to the Cloud but they r still inlibrary. And sometimes when I go to library the books have been put back (not on cloud anymore).
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          I don't use shelves myself so I really don't know how they work, but I doubt putting books in an "archive" shelf that you've created yourself actually archives the book. That's why it still shows up for you.

          To archive on the HD+ you press "volume down" all the way to no volume and long press on the book and there will be a "archive" option there.

          And don't thank me for telling you this, because there is absolutely no way I would have figured that out unless someone else here in the Book Club hadn't posted about it! I want to give credit where it's due, but I don't remeber who figured this out! Thank you whoever you are!! :smileywink: