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    NOOK Friends not working

      Before I loaded update 1.2.0 to my NOOK Color, I could see friends Lend Me books and request to borrow one.  Now with update 1.2.0 this is gone and replaced with NOOK Friends.  Within NOOK friends I have sent requests to people to add as a friend and they never received the requests.  Someone sent a request to me and I never received the request.  


      On the NOOK Friends -> Sent screen I see 4 people with status of Invitation Sent.  I am not able to resend an invitation.


      On the NOOK Friends -> Request screen I don't have anyone listed yet I know someone sent a request to me.


      I called the hotline and was told the feature is in BETA and they have limited information regarding the problem and cannot help.  Support did ask me to turn my NOOK Color off (power down) and back on.  This did not make any difference.


      If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.  If the feature is in BETA and a fix is not available, I just wanted to make you aware of the problem.