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    Alex's (B&N') Response on Shelf Issues

      For those who may have missed it, here is Alex's respose to Ellen Keiff's thoughtful posting in the Nook Talk forum:


      Re: Alex - when are hd/hd+ shelf issues going to be addressed by BN Customer Service?

      Hey all,


      Much of the issues you've been experiencing related to disappearing shelving should be addressed with our latest update.


      However, if after updating anyone is still experiencing this issue please post with the following:


      Behavior before/after update

      size of library

      # of shelves

      how long shelves were available


      - Alex


      Based on this, it appears that B&N thinks the issue has been resolved - that's not what I gather from the discussions on this group.  I'don't use shelves and I haven't had any issues with the updates but it seems like Alex doesn't follow this group. I have been very dissappointed in B&N's lack of response to the serious issues with the new HD series.  Maybe PMs to Alex will get his attention.