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    Christopher Moore

      His "Bite Me" book sounded interesting. Has anyone read any of his books and is there a chronological order or are they all stand alone?

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          It sounded interesting to me as well.


          I haven't read it yet but added it to my wish list along with the two previous books in the series.


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              I have read You Suck. When I got it I didn't realize it really is a series. Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck, & now Bite Me is the order. You Suck was ok. Not good enough (IMO) to go back and read Bloodsucking Fiends. I prob. won't even read Bite Me. The language is pretty vulgar in my opinion. If that doesn't bother you then you might like it.  It was just really weird to me. Can you call a book emo? Some of the characters certainly had that vibe to me. Like I said it was an ok book, but not hilarious like some of the reviews portray. That's my two cents.

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              Christopher Moore's vampire series begins with Bloodsucking Fiends, then You Suck, then Bite Me.  Some of the characters in these books are in others.  To get full enjoyment of Bite Me, you have to read the other two in this trilogy.


              I highly recommend pretty much all his books. He is pretty hilarious.

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                I just finished Dirty Jobs, which was my first Christopher Moore experience and I found it so enjoyable. I laughed aloud! This was a totally different genre for me. I usually don't read humourous books but I am compelled to now read the vampire themed books, hoping that they will be just as fun to read.