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    App/device compatibility

      I have been hoping that e-periodicals would be usable on my android phone, so I keep checking the emagazine section for any change in the description.  Well, I now see a change, but not for the better!  Here's what it says now for the NYT Book Review (my only subscription until I can read what I buy on my phone as well):


      Read exclusively on these devices & apps

      • Nook
      • NOOKcolor
      • NookStudy
      • Nook for PC


      Looking at a couple of others, I see ipad listed for some (Asimov), and others list fewer devices (New Yorker lists only Nook -- really, not nookcolor or PC?).  IIRC, iphone compatibility was previously a selling point for e-mags, but now they seem to have downgraded to ipad-only (and not always even that).


      Any idea what's going on here?  Am I to give up hope on android compatibility?  Should I worry that nook color won't be able to read some of the current offerings?

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          I had hoped this was just a transitional error of listing compatible apps/devices on the way to full integration of the NookColor, but it looks a bit more serious.  The New Yorker lists only the nook as a compatible reading platform, and there are reviews from users complaining that their subscriptions, which used to be available on the ipad, are now not available.


          B&N needs to fix this, and should let users know what's going on.  I certainly will not be purchasing any additional subscriptions without assurances that the content will be readable across platforms.