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    LOVE the Glowlight!

      My new NST with Glowlight arrived in the mail today.  The Glowlight is glorious!  It's amazing, really.  I can't even describe how it looks or give an explanation as to how they even did this.  The light is so evenly distributed and the brighter portion at the top is practically unnoticable, even at the highest setting.  Much less noticeable than the video reviews are showing it, in my opinion.  Now I don't have any glare from my clip on light and I don't have to position the NST in such a way as to not have a bright spot of light on the screen.  I cannot even believe how much cooler this is than I expected!!


      I want to say that the back feels smoother than my original NST, and I can feel the difference in the weight too.


      I hated having to recreate all my shelves though, but even that is such a small consolation compared to how much more I just got in return.


      The software version says 1.1.5.

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          I should have also said that there IS a slight (very slight) difference in the text.  In my opinion it is not noticeable enough to qualify it as a trade off at all, and I want to say that I think most folks won't even notice or care.

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            Alex Garcia
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              This is my 3rd Nook and it's the best one yet. I can't believe how much longer I can read with these tired eyes. No glare like there was from the nook lights. I'm really not noticing any difference in the font, but that may be because I have a screen protector on my NST. I suppose I could compare them but I'm not having trouble reading so I haven't bothered. For those of you who are undecided out there, I suggest you take the plunge and start glowing. You'll love it!
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                My family received ours in the mail after an ordeal with the brick-and-mortar over pre-order.  I've had it for two days now, and am a previous owner of a First Edition and a Color.


                Love the Glow!  Much more practical for size to carry with as my everyday device.  The regular Simple Touch screen sharpness may appear slightly sharper - but that's also a bit of an eye trick - the regular Simple Touch does not have a lighter plastic band around the edge, so the edge of the device is dark, which might make it look like the Glow screen is less dark, but I don't see a difference between it and my original Nook.


                It was supremely simple to register and get my library running (I have about 170 titles including periodicals), the page turning is fast and nearly effortless. It arrived with nearly 70% charge, so it didn't take the entire 3 1/2 recommended hours to get it fully charged.


                The only slight issue I might have with it is that some of my previous magazine subscriptions aren't compatible to open on the Glow, but they're the magazines with heavy online content like People, so this was a known factor before purchase.  You don't get a Simple Touch to be a media horse, it's for reading traditional content.


                Shelves don't transfer between devices, but that's not personally an issue for me.  I didn't use them very often on my Color, and it didn't take very long to get them set on my Glow for new use.


                As I began reading books that I had been viewing on my Color earlier in the week, the Glow intuitively knew where I had left off - this is fabulous!  I don't lose my place if I lend out one device or the other to family to share un-lendable titles in my library.


                It has me inspired to make reading a more routine part of my day.  Low light or sunlight, it works!

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                    I'm so jealous of you guys that have one!!! I'm waiting a few weeks since hubby just bought me an Iphone I think he would flip if I came home with a new gizmo!! LOL.I convinced a friend of mine to buy a glowworm today, and according to him there were only 5 left at our local BN, and still sold out everwhere else.