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    Flickring and buzzing screen

      If you look closely at the screen when it is not on its brightest setting (all the time for me).  It flickers a bit.  And, if you hold it up to your ear, you can hear it buzzing.  This does not seem safe on the eyes at least. I checked the one in the store and it does the same as mine.  I actually have a replacement in the mail because of an sd card issue.  I will report back when it arrives.  I am not thee only one to see this.


      Is this a known bug?  WIll there be a fix?  It seems like a moitor with a slow refresh rate (old crt style).






      P.S. I am sorry if this is a repost of others' issues.  I had trouble with the search feature on the site.

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          It's been discussed elsewhere. Quite a few posters in here are having the same issue. Since it seems that many Nooks have it, I'm reluctant to exchange it right now. However, my husband paid cash for my Nook (likely so I wouldn't see it on the credit/debit statements), but I'm concerned whether I should return & purchase another using a platinum card just for the extra protection.

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            i noticed it on mine as well. i have exchanged quite a few due to numerous issues and all of mine did that. i also checked both of the demo units at the store and they both do it as well. i tend to read on mine in the "night" mode all of the time. (grey background white letters). I notice it most in the bottom left corner. It only bugs me when i really look for it. other wise if im just reading its not an issue.


            Its first gen hardware. i know that shouldn't excuse it, but things like this tend to come up lot of first gen hardware.