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    App Store 1 Year Anniversary


      Posting in the NC section as this is where it started 1 year ago April 25, 2011.


      Praise: When the store opened there was the astounding number of 135 apps in the store (sarcasm), but as of this morning my NC reports 3,782.  If I did my math correctly, that's an average of just about 10 new apps for every day.  Not bad for a company that just 3 years ago was not in the tech business at all.  I've purchased quite a number that I enjoy immensely and have been very impressed with graphics performance on many of them considering the watered down specs of the original NC (NTab is superior of course in specs).  Keep it up!


      A Push for Better Things:  I'm gonna make this a positive section here as I'm sure there will be a wall of flames behind my post.  Please continue to court the big developers and popular games.  A year ago nobody was sure what to expect from the device's performance (the NC is fine, the NTab is great!), to the theme of the store (back then it was originally supposed to be "reader-centric apps" only), to whether people would buy apps that are free from other services (they will!).  Now that the store has some experience behind it, bring those developers in here!   A great example is that when people were asking for Words With Friends I kept hearing on these boards "WWF isn't possible on a WiFi only device, NC doesn't have the right specs, etc"  Please give me more pleasant surprises like that.


      Beyond the app store:  You've done ebooks well, have a good start with apps (it's only a start mind you), but please please please start offering music/audio downloads.  I'm not so worried about video in the short term, just music/audio. I don't have an Apple device and hate supporting Amazon (I'm a BN fan of course) and would love to download music through you.  I can't imagine it would be THAT hard to implement and the price competition war has already been fought (99 cents per song, $10 per album, done).  My humble opinion of course.


      Alright, let the flame war commence...

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          This is a well-thought posting.  I agree with you that a few years ago, B&N was a total stranger in the field of electronic readers.  The leaders, because the K was not the only one in existence, never thought that the traditional brick-and-mortar store could become such a strong competitor. 


          Now, almost three years later, the Nook family represents the 28% of the electronic readers market.  The app store needs to grow faster.  I like the fact that B&N is somewhat picky about the quality of the apps is sponsoring.  Opening its accessibility to the android market would really enhance its presence in the e-readers/tablet world, and therefore, would catch the attention of those who wish to have an affordable tablet/ereader for their personal use. 


          There are rumors that the B&N library is going to expand exponentially in the near future.  It's now a matter of waiting.  I strongly believe that they will expand the music/audio selection making the Nook Tablet a great entertaining device.


          Happy Birthday, app store.