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    Can't update print information

      I tried to update title information by indicating that the book is available in print and specifying the number of pages. But after I republish and go back to the information, the change I made was not saved. It still says the book is not available in print and the number of pages is blank and grayed out. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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          Ditto... I've made changes to several of my books, then uploaded the corrected manuscript, but the save function isn't working.


          When I re-uploaded the books, the # of pages was missing and the books are marked as "public domain." They're not, but I think Pubit is aware of this problem. I clicked "not public domain" but it's just reverting no matter what I do.


          I checked on two of the books that I re-uploaded this morning and put on sale again. Five minutes later, the # of pages for the print version is missing and they're marked as public domain.


          Wish Pubit would get their act together. I've had lots of problems with them, and from reading these boards, many other authors are experiencing problems also.

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            Having same problems...My books are in print, but it persists in saying they aren't. Plus I cannot make changes to my keywords. Nothing saves!



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              I keep trying to make small edits in my book, but they don't save.  I tried pulling the book off sale and uploading the entire manuscript with the new edits to put on sale in place of the original.  However, the original script remains.  I also experience the same problem of not always getting a sample to preview.  I thought the problems were with my submission errors.  However, I see that many others are experiencing the same or similar problems; so I believe the problem is inherent somehow in Publit.