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    A different CHARGING issue

      I've had my NC since March and never had any problems until lately. When I plug in the charger (wall or usb) the device doesn't even recognize the charge, the light stays yellow or orange, and the battery picture doesn't change to a charging battery. And it will not charge. The only way to charge it is to turn it off and plug it in, then I can turn it right back on and it will show it's charging and everything looks normal and it will charge fine. But then if I leave it on when it's time to unplug it, it says it's still charging and will not change again until I power it back off and then back on  before it recognizes that it's no longer plugged in. It's weird. I hope this makes sense, it's pretty confusing.

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          I reccomend going to your local store and using one of their charging cables to see if the issue is with your nook, or your nook charger. If it is a charger issue, you can replace that pretty easily (usb cords are cheaper online than the whole charging kit in the store), and if the problem is nook based, you'll be in the right place for further assistance. May need a fallback or a hard reset, so make sure you have the email address and password associated with your account as well as anything you have sideloaded backed up on your home computer. Good Luck!

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            I actually had this happen to me too. The battery charging icon in the notification bar continued to show that my NC was charging after I had unplugged it. I fully turned off my NC and restarted it and then it was fine and has not happened since. I have seen this occur with demo NC's in the store too.