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    Ultraviolet Help (I am very frustrated)

      I am very close to taking my Nook HD back because I am beyond frustrated.  I love Nook and love Barnes and Noble, but this whole Ultraviolet linking thing is becoming very annoying.  Here is my specific problem and maybe someone can help:


      I updated my Nook HD with the newest update and my Ultraviolet movies finally showed up.  My copy of Prometheus will play; however, my copy of the Dark Knight Rises says unsupported on it and won't download or do anything.  It won't stream either.  There used to be two copies of Prometheus and one would say unsupported.  Suddenly today, that one disappeared and there is only the one.  Now the one that does not say unsupported will not stream (it will download for play though).


      I was very happy when I saw that this would be a new feature on the Nook HD and that was one of the main reasons I bought it.  I have had many chat sessions and phone calls and no one really seems capable of helping me.  Finally, one person finally said that Barnes and Noble had no control over Ultraviolet and it was a problem on their end.


      Can someone please help me to get this fixed?  I have even taken the extreme measure of deregistering the device, but nothing works.  Thanks!

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          Search and download the Flixster App.


          That might be able to play your copy of Dark Knight rises.


          It's probably not any consolation but lots and lots and lots of people are getting similar issues. Earlier UV movies would not play unless you downloaded Flixster. B&N must have done some fixes in updates. Because now some movies play and some don't.


          Flixster might work for you.


          Just go to shop and search for 'Flixster'.


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              I understand what you are saying, and I already have Flixster downloaded.  The movies stream just fine, but they are not HD.  I am really frustrated because now that I have tried a few things, movies that used to show up don't even show up in my library any more and ones that were added say unsupported.  I feel like that this was a major selling point for buying the Nook HD and it is not working.  B&N needs to fix it pronto or they are going to have a customer service nightmare, especially now that Christmas has come and gone and people are unwrapping both Nooks and Ultraviolet compatible movies.

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                  Whether movies play in HD or SD depends on your internet connection speed, not the device you are watching them on. You cannot change the quality of the movie from SD to HD, UltraViolet will automatically set the quality based on your bandwidth speeds, and you cannot change it if trying to stream the video.
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                I was told be customer service that a new update would coming soon to fix the problems with ultraviolet