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    Pre Ordered Book won't download

      I preordered a book that is now available for download but my Nook HD+ won't recognize that I should be able to download.  I downloaded to my Nook app on my phone no problem.


      Had this problem occasionally with my old Nook ST, there I was able to archive the book, then unarchive it and that solved the problem.  With the HD+ that doesn't seem to be an option, or maybe I just don't know how to get there.  I've only had my HD+ a couple of weeks and I'm still learning.

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          to get to the archive menu I think you have to press the volume up button while long pressing on the cover.
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            I had this problem recently with one of my pre-ordered books.  First step is to check that the book is actually available for the Nook HD+, there are some books on the website that will download to the desktop app or to the Nook Color but aren't available for the HD+.  To check you need to look the book up on the B&N website, then off to the side of the bookcover is:

            "Available on NOOK devices and apps " 


            with a little question mark in a circle next to it.  Click on the question mark and make sure HD+ is listed.


            If the HD+ is listed you will probably have to call customer service, have your order number and book title handy (they also wanted to know the last 4 digits of the credit card I use).  CS will push the book out to you again, you will probably have to re-boot the HD+ to get the book to show up.  It took them a couple of tries with my pre-order book and I had to re-boot a number of times until it showed.


            The woman I spoke to was friendly and very helpful and stayed on the line until I could open the book, read a few lines, close it and find it yet again.


            Hopefully it all works out for you. Beth