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    Dear Nook Developers

      Please take the time to consider an update to kernel 3.0. The Nook Tablet's hardware is way too advanced to be using the old 2.6 kernel. A lot of the features of the OMAP4430 processor are losing potential on the old kernel. It would also make for a much smoother experience. If you won't upgrade to Android 4.0, consider the newest Linux Kernel. 

      Anyway, that's all I have to say for now 

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          Probably not anytime soon.  Honeycomb is no longer being (officially) developed.  If Nook implements ICS, I wouldn't expect it until the next Tablet-style release, which I would assume to be the holiday season.


          Would be a lovely surprise if it would happen sooner though  :smileyhappy:

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            Don't count on it. They just wanted to deliver you with Tablet Style hardware. Not tablet style software. 




            Don't call it a tablet!