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    App Reviews - Problems with Meaningless Reviews

      I know this has been raised before, however, it seems about time to revisit the subject.  People who have a problem with an App loading, not functioning or having a question about what it does leave one star "hate it" reviews.  This really does not help me decide if the App has functions I want.  Let's face it, all Apps/programs will have problems in today's complex mix of devices.  I had a difficult time loading Roxio Creator 2011 on my computer; (two days of trying many changes, only to find my video card was not up-to-date) that does not mean others will experience the same thing and it certainly does not mean the program doesn't have fantastic functions that I now can use.  Barnes & Noble could do me a great favor by deleting this type of review from the Reviews List.

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          Why? most apps should load and operate wih a min of fuss.... If they don't that is a problem AND there are generally other apps do work seemlessly. There should NOT be any of the conflcts you mention with vetted apps for the nooks color. If there are that IS a problem and worth noting.


          I do hate hate reviews where they bash it becaise it isn't free or didn't do what thwey thought it should BUT knowing what an app doesn't do is more important than haring "awesome app" Depending on reviews is a pretty dicy thing though... Great reviews are oftne salted as are poor reviews. hard information is often lacking in all reviews.