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    text -- remove indent -- user control

      I use three versions of the Nook (1e, Colot, and Simple Touch) and as a wish-list item would love it if the "Text" function -- which at present allows me to override the publisher defaults as to size, font, margin and line-spacing -- would also allow me to turn off the first line paragraph indent to which B&N defaults. In fact, adding a radio button for "Indent Paragraphs" and another for "Paragraph space" would mke this much more flexible.


      My reason for this is that I find Amasis a much easier to read font than the publisher's chosen fonts. But I don't like that first line indent to paragraphs.


      The other option would be to allow selected changes to publisher defaults: that is, radio button selections to change just certain things.


      Anyway, I post this here because it applies across the Nookiverse, as far as I can see. If someone can direct me to a "Wishlist" for next update I'd post there...




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          I totally agree and am FRANTIC on this one. I have children's picture book and everything looks great and works great on the Nook for PC (pages turn, text stays with its related picture). Whenl I actually get it on a NOOK, everything jumps half an inch to the right because it is ALL first lines - the picture is a first line, and every line of the poetry is a first line. I've tried to put in no-indents, negative indents . . . and the book still looks horrible. I can't put it on sale until I get this resolved.