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    Cannot download nook books onto my computer... please help :(


      I recently bought a bunch of nook books via giftcards online, and I got the latest Nook for PC... the problem is, I can't download most of my books. When I try to download them directly via my library online, I get an "Oops! This item cannot be downloaded from your browser" error. That wouldn't be a problem, if I could download the books via the nook for pc library... which I can't either. I get this error:


      NOOK for PC
      This title is currently not available for download for this application. (Download: 2138)


      This is ridiculous. I payed for over $30 dollars worth of Nook books, and none of them said anything about compatibility issues with certain nook apps. I basically payed for a crapload of books I can't even use... essentially B&N stole all the money from my giftcards, and delivered a faulty product. I am REALLY ticked off about this... Has anyone else had this problem? 


      I checked my orders, and they all say shipped. None of my ebooks had any problems checking out... what is wrong here, and how do I get my books on my computer? :smileymad: