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    Browser crash/hangs often

      The browser on my nook has a recurring problem on a number of well visited websites - it will load to about 80% and then not progress any further. At that point, the browser menu is unresponsive, as is the "back" button. The stop button works and stops the progress, but at point the entire browser is hung - you can try typing in a new URL, but it will not load or do anything. Can't close the window either as the menu is non-reponsive. Only solution I've found is to reboot - this happens far too frequently and on too many websites that are popular to be anything other than a bug. PLEASE FIX!!! Thanks

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          This is very annoying issue. Hopefully they will be able to fix it somehow. In the meantime I found another way to restart the browser app that seems to be a little bit more efficient then reboot. Go to settings>Security>Restrictions>Enter passcode>Browser. Just uncheck Browser option and check it back. Go back from Settings to Browser. Now you can see the application restarted from home page. It is still very annoying but at least you don't need to reboot the thing.

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            Try turning off java script in the browser options. It seems to resolve my issue with the stock browser crashing every time I browsed to my facebook page.
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              Thank you for posting.  I got my Nook Tablet yesterday and have been using the browser almost exclusively (silly me, that's what I bought it for--I don't really care about e-books, just thought it would be nice to have a tablet for that price).


              Now that I've used it maybe 10 hours I'm thinking about taking it back.  The browser is not quite ready for prime time if you ask me.  I had no problem with any website I visited during the half hour I played with the Nook Tablet at Best Buy, but mine freezes up all the time.  Try to play a video, maybe it works; if it doesn't the browser hangs.  Click on a hyperlink, maybe it works; if it doesn't the browser hangs. I'm spending more time getting the browser un-frozen than I am actually browsing.  I'd be OK that it can't support all the functionality on every webpage (that's a tall order for any browser), but it should at least meet it gracefully.


              When my browser is frozen, powering off & back on never helps.  Going into security and setting a browser passcode, then undoing it (as described in the other reply) works every time, but then of course you're starting over from the home page. Turning javascript off seems to help sometimes, but when I go into my Gmail account it gives an error saying that javascript must be enabled, and I wasn't able to even logout of Gmail until I'd turned javascript on. (This is from the Gmail url; maybe there's an app that would alleviate this.)


              I feel kind of stupid now for buying an e-reader for its browsing capabilities. Suppose I should've expected this.

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                Superb!!! Worked...Thanks a Ton Bro!!!!