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    Books from Project Gutenberg

      I'd like to download some books from Project Gutenberg.  Does anyone know if they work on a nook tablet?  And if so, will they show up in the library on my tablet, or is the library just reserved for B&N content like the apps?  Has anyone tried this?

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          I have downloaded hundreds of books from Project Gutenberg and they work just fine as long as you pick the right format (EPUB or PDF).  I usually sideload them from my computer using Calibre but you can download them directly on the NT, the only difference will be where they are filed.  Anything you download directory will be in your My Downloads directory while Calibre will place them in subdirectories by author's name.


          You should see PG books listed in your Library.

          • Suggest starting at archive.org instead of Project Gutenberg

            I've found that the Texts category at www.archive.org/details/texts contains a number of collections in addition to Project Gutenberg, so searching there returns many more titles.  For example, searching PG for "railroad" returns 30 hits, while an archive.org texts search returns over 5,600.


            Not all the documents are available in epub (and some aren't available in pdf either), and some of the epubs are unproofread, raw OCR conversions of scanned pages with typos and occasional gibberish.  But to me it beats the socks off not being able to see 'em at all :smileyhappy:


            File names are another issue - I'm in the process of consolidating all my archive,org and PG epubs on my computer, looking at them with a Firefox expension which reads epubs, and renaming them to match the title and author of the actual books.  Then I'll sideload 'em again.