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    Fliq Calendar

      Does anyone use this app? Any clue on how to delete appointments?

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          i haven't used fliq in many months but i do remember that when i used it i was able to delete appts.  along the bottom there should be a black bar.  there is a curved arrow on your left and what looks like a small piece of paper with lines on it on your right.  go to where your appt is listed and tap the "paper" icon, it should pop up some options one of which should be delete.  play with it, you'll figure it out. 

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            I can't find it either

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              Go to the event you wish to delete.  At the bottom right there is an icon with lines to look like paper.  Tap it and it will open up three choices, on the right is "delete event.""  Tap that and it will ask you to confirm, and it will be erased.  HTH