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    Nook refuses to connect

      I've been stuck trying to setup my Nook. The device connects to the wifi, but it can't access the internet. Usually when I connect to the internet, I get an authentication page where I enter in my name and a passcode given to me by the hotel, but I don't get such page when using the Nook. It just says "Connected, but no internet." Also, I can't skip the setup process. Why isn't this working? My laptop works just fine with the internet connection.

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          Look at the trouble with wifi connecting threads. You might find an answer there.
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            I'm in a similar situation in my hotel now. I think the problem is that the hotel's system opens an autgentication web page but never switches to it for the access code to be entered. At the hotel I'm at you have to manually open the browzer, select the authentication tab and enter the code. Since the NST doesn't have a simple way to access the browzer, there is no simple way to complete that step.