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    Connected to wi-fi but can't sync

      Apologies in advance if this has been asked a hundred times before...


      I'm currently connected to my at-home Wi-Fi, but when I try to refresh/sync I get an error that says "We're having trouble with your connection. Please try again and check your Wi-Fi settings and make sure you are connected..."


      I'm definitely connected to my network.


      I'm also getting an error when I try to sync from my Droid ("Problem occurred while trying to synchronize library.")


      I've tried rebooting my device, disconnecting and reconnecting from Wi-Fi, to no avail.


      This is the first time I've experienced synching issues, and nothing on my end has changed (haven't downloaded updates, made at-home network changes, changed B&N account settings, etc.), so not sure what's causing the issue all of a sudden.


      Has anyone else experienced this and have any fixes?