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        I've been looking for the better part of a year for a device to replace paper FAA Instrument Approach charts in the cockpit (which are now available in PDF format), and after looking at both the Kindle DX and the Nook Color in depth for about a month, last month I bought the Nook Color.


        With two exceptions, it's everything I need it to be and more, without rooting.  I did root it, but that was to install the Adobe PDF reader, although the default reader is perfectly adequate.  Furthermore, the screen is bright enough to be easily read in full sunlight, which is important in the cockpit.


        The two exceptions are, I'd like a slightly larger screen, but it's not important enough to pay the up-cost of one of the other tablets;  "pinch-zoom" is adequate when needed.


        However, the battery life on the Nook Color means that there is always that risk of running out of power, and there is no option of swapping batteries.  Some aircraft systems are 14vDC and some are 28vDC, and so I've had to buy a converter that will accept both, and generate the 5vDC needed by the Nook Color.  That's a nuisance to carry.


        So, the Kindle DX always seemed like a good solution to that problem, with battery life measured in weeks rather than hours.  So, just happening through the local Best Buy last weekend, I saw a special (now gone) on the Kindle DX (Graphite) for $299 ($80 off the normal price), so I bought one (especially with the 30-day return policy).


        The Kindle DX is nicely made (as is the Nook Color), and while the screen doesn't have the high contrast of the Nook Color, it's perfectly adequate in good lighting conditions.


        Unfortunately, where it falls down is the software:


        When I copied to the Kindle, 2500 one-page PDF files in a nice directory structure that helps me quickly locate the file I want, the Kindle promptly displays all 2500 file names (without the path name) on the main screen 16 at a time (and yes, the main screen doesn't scroll -- a bad idea for e-Ink anyway -- it pages).  Yes, you can put them in "Collections" (like the Nook's "My Shelves"), but whoever wrote the software for that, obviously only tested it with a few books in each "Collection" before releasing, because as soon as you have a couple hundred files in a "Collection", the displaying the contents of the "Collection" is very, very slow.  Get about 500 files in a "Collection", and the Kindle refuses to open it (it just sits there -- no error message).  What was the Amazon developer thinking?  People wanted "Collections" on the Kindle precisely because they have a lot of books!!!  Even without using "Collections", when you have 2500 documents on the Kindle DX, rebooting takes several minutes.  There's no way that the Kindle DX can efficiently hold the 3500 books that Amazon claims.


        I don't know how that would work on the Nook Color, because it isn't necessary.  I created a bunch of simple HMTL web pages via software to navigate to the PDF chart that I want, download the whole directory structure to the Nook, and it works PERFECTLY.


        Wne I tried that on the Kindle, the web pages work just fine, except when I click on the actual PDF document I want.  Because Amazon pays for the cellular time that Kindle owners use (for life), they don't allow the browser to download or display large documents, and they believe PDF files are in that category.  OK, I sympathize with that fully.  However, the browser won't display the document even if it's already on the Kindle.  You can download PDF files via USB and store them on the Kindle, but you can't display them via the browser;  you have to use the awful mechanism I described above.


        I'm presently working on a work-around, where I merge (using a Linux tool) all the charts for an airport into a single PDF file for each airport, and that will reduce the number of PDF files by a factor of five.  We'll see how that goes, but clearly the Kindle DX is not up to storing and organizing a thousand documents.  By contrast, my Nook Color handles perfectly the 30,000 PDF files I've copied to it, and can access any one quickly and effortlessly.


        Note that my primary usage of both devices is specialized, but I would think that the average user with a number of books would be put off by the Kindle's handling of "Collections".  It's unacceptable in the current software (v2.5.8).  All of the above deficiencies have been noted on various Kindle forums for some time.


        The Kindle DX can also be rooted.  Why do most people "root" their Kindle?  It's not to do illegal things.  It's not to add applications to the device.  It appears to be done primarily for two reasons:

        1. To select different screen-saver wallpapers or replace them (Amazon's choices are certainly not contemporary).  Yep, you have to root the device, in order to add a capability that virtually every consumer display device (like even dumb cell phones) made in the last 20 years has.
        2. To replace the fonts.  And this on an e-Reader ???

        Don't get me wrong.  The Kindle DX appears to be well-made, very capable hardware.  It's the software that needs a work-over.  It's not like the Kindle was introduced yesterday;  Amazon has had plenty of time to work on the issues.  I will probably keep the Kindle DX, hoping that the issues can be resolved, either by me or by Amazon.


        Oh, and there's no way I'm getting rid of the Nook Color;  it's just too good.  Even 1.1.0 (Android 2.1).


        I think that Amazon views the Kindle as a mechanism to sell books, and they don't mind that the software is specialized to that task.  However, B&N seems to have a more enlightened approach, and from what I can tell in sales, it's paying off for B&N (one of the eBooks B&N sells, is how to root your Nook!!!).  If Amazon isn't careful, they will lose the initial market advantage they had.


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          lckyforme wrote:

          Thanks you guys for some input.  I was thinking about getting the middle one that's 3g and wifi.  I saw previously that you can get some books cheaper with Amazon and there are some books that are only available to B&N or Amazon.  Not saying that I don't get enough to read from B&N because I do, I just want the best of both.  Well, I don't want to pay 379 for the DX Graphite.  Unless it could part the sea or something, and it doesn't look like it can do anything my NC can.



          Your NOOKcolor will be able to part the sea...after the update :smileytongue:


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            Know this post is late but just saw it. I have kindle fire and 2 yo - nook Color. NC has several advantages- you can organize your books onto shelves by any category you chose to create ( kindle has no way to organize book other than by title or date purchased - cant organize by genre, favorites, unread, etc. Also fire does not have page numbers nor does it show how many pages left in chapter. It has bizarre numbering system that has no relation to page number. Although kindle has many apps it does NOT have dropbox, which is very popular and which is avail on nook. Pain if you have it on phone, laptop etc. Lastly small but irritating - kindle does not have comma on keyboard! You need to either press and hold period or access strange bar above regular keyboard. Go with nook.
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              I had a the orignial kindle until last year . I treated myself to an upgraded Kindle w/Keyboard 3G.  Love it.  Before I purchase my new Kindle, I miss placed the old one; I actually thought someone stole it.  So, I ended up buying the Nook Color.  Didn't really like it, so 3 weeks later I decided that I was going to return it.  Not knowing that the return policy was 14 days.  So, I had to keep it. Ended up finding my Kindle, then I upgraded to the Kindle w/keyboard 3G as a birthday present to myself.


              I like them both.  But I like my Kindle more. I have certain books on my Kindle and certain books on my Nook.  I'm having issues with my NC right now, and since its not under warrenty, I just have to suck it up.

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                wolfatthedoor wrote:

                I had a original Kindle that I replaced with a Nook last March or so.. I should have known something was wrong with the Nook though, but I didn't until past the 15 days to return a defective item to Best Buy, since I didn't get the replacement plan.. The original Nook kept freezing on me and I'd unfreeze it, but it got to be too frustrating.


                I replaced the Nook with a Kindle 3, when they were up for pre-order and have used it ever since then. I purchased a NC about a month and a half ago or so now, because I had the money saved up and wanted it, because of some of the magazines. So far I've been using the NC more, but I still use the Kindle, mostly because the battery life is much better.

                Defective Nooks can be replaced ANY time within the warranty period. The 15 day return is if you decide you just don't want it. :smileyhappy: I've had to return devices before and B&N has been wonderful during the process. No complaints there from me.


                You can extend your battery life on the NC if you operate with wifi off/ dim the brightness some/ set the "go to sleep" timer lower.


                I have an NC and a KF. I prefer the NC. It's just easier to use and to manage my library though the KF does seem to have a lot better battery life, but maybe that's just because I rarely use it. :smileyhappy: The KF does allow me access to more apps that I like, but I just don't use it much.


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                  I have both and recently, sold my Kindle Fire to upgrade to the KF HD.  I received on September 17 and had to return it on September 18 because the sent me a very defective device.  I will be getting a new one tomorrow.  I like both devices but I rather my books on my Nook Tablet.  It's more intuitive.  The Kindle Fire had problems with some of the ebooks I had purchased.  It is impossible to organize books on the Kindle Fire and some of those features like X Ray only works on some books.


                  In terms of apps and some functionalities the KF surpasses the Nook, however, I prefer my NT.

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                    I have a Nook color and a Google Nexus 7 :smileyhappy: Funny how a lot of us have multiple...

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                      Gee I feel left out. I have a Xoom and Nook Tablet. My Nook color has moved to a new home.
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                        I have the Nook Color and love it but have a Kindle app on my phone so I am thinking about getting a Kindle to download all the free books I get from Pixel.

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                          I had my Kindle first and then got the Nook Color. Love the Kindle for reading, at the bottomn is the key board to change font, add test to read etc. Love Love the Kindle for reading as it is lighter to hold, battery lasts twice as long, I get loads of free books. And as you know it is great reading in the sun light.


                          I bought my Nook for games and am happy in that area.

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                            I have a Nook Tablet, a Nook Color and (as of yesterday) an original Kindle Fire.


                            Got the Nook Color, added an N2A-esque card and was happy with it. Then the Nook Tablet came out, and it was discovered that at that time one could sideload 3rd party apps directly onto the device. I found out that there was a 3rd party app that would allow you to add icons for the 3rd party apps directly to the homescreen and liked that idea so I gave the Color to my husband and bought a Tablet. He's part of a community chorus and basically uses it for storing pdfs of the music sheets they use and reading his music from it during rehearsals.


                            Got the Nook Tablet and was able to sideload the 3rd party apps onto the device as I wanted. About a month later, they removed that ability which annoyed me, but I had been expecting it so I wasn't greatly shocked. Hardware-wise, it's a good device; content-wise, not so much - especially if you're big into having a huge variety of apps. (Yes, the app store is slowly improving, but it's still not going to come close to satisfying a die-hard app fan.) Since I had it set up the way I wanted, I would have been content to stay with the Tablet until it died if B&N's latest update hadn't broken the ability to place 3rd party apps directly on the homescreen. When that happened, I decided I was tired of fighting B&N for control of my device and determined to buy something else at some point.


                            When the Nexus 7 came out, I thought I wanted one; but after some serious consideration, I decided what I really wanted was an ereader with benefits (like the Tablet, Color, and Fire) rather than a general purpose tablet so I decided I'd go with a Kindle Fire. Thought about waiting until Christmas and getting one of the new ones, but I'm pretty sure the recommendation bar at the bottom of the new homescreen (which, unlike the ads, apparently can not be gotten rid of) would drive me batty so I opted to get an original Fire off of eBay instead. It came yesterday, and so far I'm happy with it. The hardware specs may not be quite as impressive as those of the Tablet, but I can't tell a difference in their performances when I'm using it. Videos load easily and seem to play smoothly. Sound levels are comparable. Books load and open easily. And most importantly to me, I'm able to sideload non-Amazon apps with ease and place icons for them directly on my homescreen. (I already have the B&N app sitting on my homescreen just like I had the Kindle app sitting on the homescreen of my Tablet.) The only major advantage I can see the Tablet having over the Fire is the fact that its library/reading software allows the user to create various shelves for organizing their books - something the Fire doesn't allow. But since I "shelve" my ebooks at Goodreads, that's a not a dealbreaker to me.


                            Time will tell of course, but I like the Fire enough right now that I imagine my Tablet will be relegated to the role of an educational toy for my kids (B&N does have some good educational apps) and the Fire will be my main toy from here on out. What I'll do when the Fire dies is anyone's guess. The new UI for the Fires turns me off so I doubt I'll get one of them. Another original Fire if I can find one? Maybe. A general purpose tablet like the Nexus 7? Maybe. Another Nook Tablet? Probably not - not unless B&N loosens up on their efforts to control it.

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