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    Help with PBS video volume

      Hi! My mom fell and now has a cast on her arm and leg. (knee gave out) She had surgery and is doing better but anyways I'm trying http://video.pbs.org/ site on her nook color so she can watch videos since she's stuck in bed. However, I can't seem to turn up the volume on the video. The volume on her color is at max but there's a separate volume for the video and that's at half and I can't seem to get the volume slider to go up. Any help would be great. I'd use the headset she got with her iPhone but I can't find that anywhere. :-/ Any help would be great. Thank yOU!

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          I was able to adjust the volume at that site by tapping the speaker icon, and holding my finger down on the screen and dragging up. This initial drag does not change the volume itself, however it leaves the slider for volume open while I lifted my finger, placed it on the half-way point marker for current volume and dragged it up, changing the volume to max in the player.