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    Continued Decrease in Sales (How are yours going?)

      Here again, I'm going back on a commitment not to post regarding sales however, what turned me around on that decision was my getting a response today, after inquiring with Pubit! Team regarding my account, asking that they recheck to make sure my sales commissions are accruing correctly. The response came 36 days after I sent the inquiry and they responded in saying that all is operating correctly and up-to-date. I do appreciate getting the response.


      I'm certain they knew my question was legitimate because I received a back-payment for e-book sales for $241.14 -- my largest payment to-date two months ago, for sales that somehow failed to make it to My Sales tab for previous months, that were located after I inquired with them similarly.


      Now, this month, I have had a 7 day stretch of no sales (very unusual) and my sales at Pubit! compared to kindle is again a 10 to 1 ratio (to be exact, 6 units, compared to 62 units).


      It is very possible that the surge of sales for the first months (I'm also averaging my back-payment into those first months), were due to the newness of availability however, the opposite has been true at other sellers -- an ongoing but gradual increase. It's also possible that customers have had issues while the system has been tweaked to better efficiency and this caused a slow-down. If this is the case we may yet see an increase over time.


      How are sales going for you -- my fellow publishers?



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          mine have been low since the second week of April.


          I am current selling half of what I used to sell.


          The months of January, February and March were stellar for me. But then April came and BAM!


          Sales were sliced in half. And it's been that way ever since.


          Some days even worse. It used to stress me so much back when the low sales first started, but then I decided not to worry myself to death and just focus on putting out more content instead.


          Sales on Amazon Kindle now outpace my pubit sales, which wasn't the case before.


          Oh, well.

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              Yeah dogg,


              That's about the same timing as my decreases.

              I'm sure the economy has much to do with it as well.

              Same as you -- I'm continuing to publish more in the face of this. It seems when you accomplish gains in one area, you see a drop in another but if we keep adding titles to our published works, eventually we'll get ahead of it and hopefully maintain descent sales.


              I'll also add that the content sites I publish articles on, that pay both adsense share and by page-view calculations, have also seen significant decreases. I'm hoping we see an improvement in the recession or depression that's been ongoing -- not the pretend improvements some in government have claimed were occurring but some real economy turn-arounds (about 8% unemployment rate right now)! Everyone who believes in praying, should add it to their prayer-list!

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              Here's my track record for Pubit sales in 2011


              122 books in January

              178 books in February

              120 books in March

              51 books in April

              29 in May

              14 so far in June


              in the meantime, my Amazon Kindle sales have

              103 books in January

              120 books in February

              162 book in March

              166 books in April

              221 in May

              201 so far in June


              It does not seem quite right for sales to increase on one site and decrease on another in the way they have.


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                (I posted this in another thread - hope you don't mind)


                I've emailed Pubit! in regards to June Sales. The only response I received was to read these threads.


                This is the thing... In May my book took off and was selling an average of 150 eBooks per day... It was on the Kids Nook Books Bestseller list for the entire month. Then June came...


                When B&N started changing the website sales dropped to an average of 2 per day. I emailed them with my concern. Something happened with sales when they started changing the website platform. The book is not in the top lists as before and now harder to find. If sales are lost... How would you know?


                The only thing good about the change is that all the eBook reviews are together with the actual book. Pubit! was top dog for sales but now it looks as if Amazon is selling more.