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    App installed Adware


      A while back I bought a word majhong game and it was okay...


      But recently an update came through that allowed the makers of the game (I think it's Toy Studio?) to use my nook hd+ notifications area at the top to display ads for their titles and sales and such.


      This is pretty unsettling, and I have written the company with no reply. Can I turn this off? I feel it is an unethical breech of some kind of "standards of practice" or "unwritten code" that this company is abusing.


      Funny enough, one of their adware placements was advertising a 100% AD FREE game.


      Please help.

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          I can imagine that the Nook settings do not control the app itself.  You can check to see if there is an option to turn off the ads (some app developers offer this option).  Unfortunately, some app developers change their stance on ads later on in the game and throw them into app updates.  


          When I download an app like that I just find another one that is similar, uninstall the old, and bring in the new.