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    Unlock Your ebook????

      I tried to download a book from the library and got an error message. I gave up but now I cannot access any books in my library. Even the one I was reading as of yesterday. I am getting a pop up that says Unlock Your eBook  and says to enter my name and credit card used to purchase the book. I do that and it still pops back up????



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           Most of the time that means there is an issue with the credit card. 

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            Also trying deleting the library book you tried to copy to the Nook, if it is there and you didn't delete it.  It could be causing a problem.


            You could also try rebooting the Nook completely.

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              I experienced this EXACT SAME PROBLEM when I was initially setting up the Nook Simple Touch my wife & I bought our daughter for Xmas. Believe it or not, I resolved the problem by unplugging the Nook from my USB port, at which point I stopped being prompted to "Unlock Your ebook", and the books I'd purchased for her simply opened.


              Good luck!

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                I was seeing the same error with my Nook tablet, but I was not connected via the USB cable. I archived the book, then un-archived/downloaded it again and it opened without prompting for name and credit card. I think that if you are seeing this error on your Nook that is already set up and has other books that are working, then it is a download error. Save yourself the headache and try archiving/un-archiving first before entering CC information.

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                  Hi I had the same problem but only with my manga and comics well only with them so far the first time it happened I decided to deregister my nook by that time I was supper annoyed from trying to unlock my manga so anyway it did work and I could now read it but by doing that I lost all my pdf books that I had but on there myself which was close to 100 so I was really pissed so if you deregister your nook make sure you take off everything you want to keep on your computer or flash drive. Now the second time it happened again with my mange I didnt want to go through the pain of deregistering my nook again so I decied to archive my manga book and redownload it again now when I did that I did have to unlock it again but this time it worked with only having to do it once but when I archived my book I want to barnes & noble online and archived it manually frome there so I dont know if just moving it to nook cloud and then redownloading the book again will help but you could try that too so to everyone good luck I know how annoying it is!!!