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    The most annoying and major problems I have had with Nook HD + Any solutions please ?

      Hi all,

      I've had this Nook HD + for a weeks now, was purchased due to a recommendation from a friend, how much I regret it now. :smileysad: I don't mean to be rude but this is the worst tablet/e reader I have ever used. Would have not bought it if I had known I would be experiencing such problems. My old tablets perfom way better than this Nook on so many levels. I only wanted to use the tablet for basic browsing and reading some pdfs, but it fails even to do that on numerous occasions.

      I have the latest updated software running as well.

      The Nook HD + library synching is perhaps the worst and annyoing problem I've come across on this tablet. On start up it takes up to 5 minutes for the tablet to sync and become usable. I have to wait for it to finish synching to use or open an app such as the browser. If I try to open an app, it crashes. It basically doesn't let me do anything with the tablet when its synching, the longest time for a tablet to start up by far. Not only that, it randomly syncs in the corner when I'm on the net or when I turn the tablet on from sleep mode. Its constant. I have read on a thread holding the volume up button when the library is opened, disables synching, but it hasn't worked for me. 

      As well as that, the tablet re starts itself. Out of the blue it would just turn off and come back on automatically. It is so weird. Have this happened to me now 6 times, if not more.

      When I try to open apps, they crash, at times. Opera, es file explorer and many others crash. Nealry every app i have opened to be honest. The nook is also slow running. It takes forever to do something.  When I load a book, I'm left hanging. 

      Tablet is also un responsive at times, when I touch the screen, for example or when I try to zoom in or move the page down, it simply has a mind of its own and does nothing or does something else randomly.

      Lastly, the tablet disconnects from the internet when I play youtube videos, happens only when I'm playing youtube videos.......

      The only positive point I have about this tablet is that it is light.


      Any way i can fix these problems please ? I just think the OS is bloated.


      Thanks in advance


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          The device shouldn't be behaving like that.  It sounds like the update to the latest OS version has corrupted in some way.

          I hate to sound like technical support, but de-registering and re-registering the device should resolve it by giving you a clean version.  I had similar issues, and this worked for me.

          The downside is that you will lose anything you have sideloaded to the device, and will have to re-download apps and set up logins, passwords and bookmarks again.

          So once your content is backed up on your pc, and apps are backed up (if the developer offers you the option) tap settings cog>All Settings>Device Information>Erase & Deregister Device and confirm that this is what you want to do.  

          The device will then be as was out of the box, and when you register the device to your B&N account, your B&N content will all be there.  You then need to manually add the rest of your content.

          Good luck!


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            I have had my HD+ since May and have not had these problems at all. Mine works beautifully. We actually have 3 in our household and have no problems. I do recall when I got the first one, which was a 16g, that there were a few quirks with the wifi radio and a couple other minor glitches. I ended up buying a second one in the 32g storage size and passed the 16g to my son. He erased and de-registered it to set it up for himself, and that fixed it right up. 


            I know what a pain that is, but I would try it and hopefully you will end up loving it after that. Good luck!