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    Nook Color for 4 and 9 year old?

      I was planning on getting my soon to be 4 year old a Leappad 2 for her birthday.  She plays with her older brother's Leapster, which is about to go out after 6 or so years.  She also loves to play with my original Nook Color, since I have downloaded preschool games.  After looking at the Leappad 2, and the various costs associated with it; I was beginning to wonder if her own Nook Color/Tablet (or my hand me down and an upgrade for Momma) wouldn't be a better option.  My son has also wanted an ITouch, and I feel the Nook would probably be a better option for him as well.  I was considering getting them one to share...might be wishful thinking on my part for them to "share".


      Do the new tablets have parental control options?  Do they have an option yet to confirm purchases with a code?  My 3 year old has accidentally deleted apps I paid for already, and has purchased ones unknowingly.  Any thoughts????



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          The new HD and HD+ both have the ability to set up to six users so you can share the device with the children and be able to restrict them to their own set of apps and books and music and video.  The 7" is about the same price as the Color.  Check them out, you might find that the HDs are perfect for what you want to do.

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            I have a 4 and 6 year old and they both use my back-up Color. I have completely blocked internet access as well as made puchases impossible unless you have the password. I am wanting a one of the new Nooks at some point because of the profile options, but for now I use what options I have to keep them from purchasing or searching the internet and then I also keep fairly close tabs on what they are playing with so they don't accidentally delete anything that I have purchased.