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    New Features??

      I recently got a Nook Simple Touch, and not the one with a Glowlight. Why can't it have apps like the others and play Angry Birds like the others? Did they just want a version for reading? I mean...well...I guess that if some apps worked then it would be nice....

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          This is a joke, right?

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            The e-ink screens on the Nook Simple Touch do not have a good refresh rate so there is a lag time going from one image frame to another.  Because of this, trying to play an game on them would be very choppy and would not look good.  With the Nook 1st Editions, they did try to put 2 apps (chess and sudoku) but they didn't look good at all and were a little difficult to work.  They also tried to put a web browser on it but it had the same issues.  I did see someone who rooted their Nook Simple Touch simply to put Angry Birds on it.  He showed it to me proudly.  The image was like trying to watch one of those old-fashioned flip books but slower.  I asked him how he liked the game on his Simple Touch.  He told me,"It actually kind of sucks".  I then asked him,"Why did you root this?"  He replied,"Because I could."