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    N2E Battery drain after update


      I updated my N2E. Before the update I didn't charge my nook for weeks at a time, and this was with consistent use of at least 2-3 hours a day. Now, my charge lasted less than a week. I went to read last night and the onscreen message said my nook didn't have enough charge to power up.


      Has anyone else had this problem? Tips?

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          I'm having a similar problem right now, but in my case it started before. I've only had my NST for two weeks. It's a refurb, by the way.


          I charged it the day it arrived, and then last week I decided to charge it even though it didn't really need it yet. Since then it's charge has been dropping very quickly. I've read in other threads that one should run it through a few charge cycles before panicking. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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            I've noticed this too. Before the update, I went an entire month without charging and that's with me reading every day. Since then, I've charged it once and had the battery drop by a large percentage in just a few days under the same reading conditions.

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                My guess that  this is the battery software meter losing calibration rather than a real change in battery usage. Run the battery all the way down once or twice and see if the battery drain is more what you expect. It could be that the update wiped out the battery charge calibration data in your Nook.

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                This has been happening to me as well and started with the 1.1.0 update on 11/7/11. My Simple Touch was charged to 100% after the update. It was at 75% or so before. It was completely dead on 11/12/11 and took 4 hours to charge. I called CS on the 12th and again on the 17th and told to monitor the battery status. I have only had mine since early September but less than 1 week for the battery when the Nook is not being used is not right.