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    Print coupons from NC Magazines?

      I was reading a magazine on my NC last night & I came across a coupon for yogurt.  Well, I don't like yogurt, but I am a coupon clipper.  So what if a came across a coupon I wanted to use?  My desktop computer doesn't recognize my books, magazines, etc.  Is there a way to get it to if I wanted to print out a coupon?



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          take a screenshot of your nookcolor screen by holding down the nookcolor 'n' button and pressing the volume down button.


          That will take a screen of your current display and save it to one of those folderey thingees on your nook.. hook it up to your computer and then find the nook drive and print that picture.


          That's the short (and stupid) explanation... I've never done that myself but that's how I understand how to do what you want.



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              Well, it did actually work.  I did download the yogurt coupon screenshot to the computer & printed it out.  The only problem, if it really is a problem, is that the volume gets muted & a square box appears @ the very top of the page.  And it says "Notification volume" with a line through it like the volume is mute.  It's on the printed-out page, too.  Luckily the coupon is at the bottom of the page; I think most are at the bottom of the page.  And I just turned the volume back up.


              Thanks.  I'll have my coupons now!


              Lee :smileyhappy: