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    Olive Tree Bible Update?

      The current version of the Olive Tree Bible is force closing on my NT when I try to access the store/account.  Olive Tree has informed me that the issue is fixed on their new release.  They also have said that the new release has been provided to B&N, but it is not showing up in the store and no update is available.  Any idea of the timing on getting the update out?  I cannot get to my content without it.

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          My experience is that it takes 3 - 8 days from the time a developer says they have submitted an App update to B&N and when we actually can access it.  Seems that B&N releases Apps and updates on a "sorta" weekly basis with Thursdays being the most likely release day.  If Olive Tree has told you they have submitted the App update to B&N; hold tight, it will arrive.