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    What's fixed (or not) in v1.4.3


      The purpose of this thread is not to rag on B&N for what is not fixed (nor is it to address desired features that are not included) in v1.4.3.  We already have more than a few threads devoted to that!


      The purpose is to list items (ie, existing features) that are fixed or not in v1.4.3.  Obviously some "bugs" are a matter of interpretation, but let's keep it reasonable, so that users can decide if the update is worth it (either for rooters or early downloaders).


      Not fixed:


      • On-screen keyboard key-click (clicks about 80% of the time).




      • In the "NT HIdden Settings" app, the debugging options are only listed once (of primary interest to rooters).
      • The "Shop" page seems redesigned and much less cluttered.




      • "2 page PDF display in landscape" option.
      • Add and check Gift Cards.


      Remember, this is for the Nook Tablet.  Someone else is free to start an equivalent thread for the Nook Color.