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    Nook for PC - Unlock Product Issue


      Every since I downloaded the latest nook for pc software for my Windows 7 64 bit machine, I keep getting this pop up window that says I have to unlock the product using the credit card on file.  I downloaded the software originally when it first came out - in Nov.?  and I called support which noted my account but I continue to have this problem.  I called again today, was on the phone for an hour, and the final result was - "it could be because we are doing a software update".  Really??  For two months??  You are not allowed to speak the their digital management team directly, you have to go through another customer service person who doesn't know anything about the program.  This is an interestinig business model. 


      I can access the products I have bought on my nook tablet but not on my pc.  Strange thing is that some products I have access to, most I do not.  I am giving them one more day to see if this issue clears up - otherwise I am going to keep calling and calling and calling until they get responsive.  I wonder if the customer service folks understand how frustrating it is to spend an hour on the phone with them and not have ANYTHING to show for it but more frustration and the distinct feeling that they don't care.