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    Can you play Overdrive Video Media on the NC?

      Our library has lots of ODM children's titles that I would love to download to my NC.  Is this possible?  My understanding is that the NC will only play MP4 files .. is there a way to convert?



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          NC only plays MP4 or 3GPP video formats. You have to search for a converter from your desired format to one of these formats in the Internet and do it before uploading to NC.


          It may be possible that when the B&N Marketplace starts, there may be an app there that'll play what you need, but that's a bit of a wait and not guaranteed.

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            I looked at a faq for the Overdrive Media Files, and it doesn't appear to be as simple as to just convert your files. The files you download are DRM-protected, and for portable devices they appear to be only compatible with some WIndows Media Player-connected devices such as Windows Mobile 5 and 6. The DRM even prevents the files from playback on older Windows Mobile 2003/SE devices.


            In order to transfer these files to the Nook, you would have to rely on a "screen-recorder" based converter such as WMRecorder or Tunebite. This will basically record the video while it is being played on your computer, and then you can convert it to something else. Quality isn't always the greatest, and of course your computer is tied up while it is recording the video.