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    Purchasing individual issues v. subscribing

      I would like the option of purchasing individual issues versus subscribing and then having to "manage" my subscription to a magazine to unsubscribe from my "free trial" for the first magazine-- I know this is a new pricing model, etc., for B & N, but there are some magazines to which I don't want to subscribe on a regular basis, just want to buy piecemeal, as I might on a newstand.  I'd like that option on my nook color, so I can conserve paper and have those issues saved digitally

      with my other NC magazines.  


      I don't know if it's possible to create an alternate/secondary pricing model that "knows" at BN.com once you've already "trial" subscribed to something once and then unsubscribed, such that you can later buy one issue at a time, but there are simply some magazines to which, even at the lower NC cost, I don't want to make the monthly subscription commitment.  

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          Is there a special Nook magazine that you don't have the requested option on?  Every Nook magazine I have looked at while I shop has an option for "Subscribe Now" (trial + monthly subscription) or "Buy Current Issue" (single magazine purchase).  Of course, the single issues are more than the monthly subscriptions -- but that is nothing new in the magazine business.