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    Nook app on Samsung Galaxy Tab

      The application crashes everytime I goto "My Files".  I have removed the application and tried to re-install but it still crashes. 


      has anyone else had this problem?


      It seemed to start(however it was the first time I used it) when I copied some epubs to the /nook/mydocuments folder on the SDCARD.  I deleted everything in that folder but it still crashes.

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          I don't have a Galaxy Tab, but I was doing research on it because I was considering to buy one.  I came accross an answer to your question.  The Nook App is already installed on your Galaxy Tab, according to this forum: http://galaxytablettalk.com/forum/4-galaxy-apps/6-nook-for-android-on-samsung-galaxy-tab.html . 


          So if you try to install it when you already have it on your tablet, it has a fit.  Now, I don't have a galaxy tab so I can't tell you how to access the Nook App that is supposedly pre-loaded on your galaxy tab.  But hopefully this helps, in case you didn't find this forum when you searched for an answer.

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            i have the galaxy and love it.  i also have the Nook color.  bought the B/W 3G just before the price went down.  I've recently sold it to a friend.  i like the BW but love the Nook Color's organizing features and the way the shelves work.  i really like the highlighting aspects because i purchase a lot of non-fiction. 


            i've had no problems on the Galaxy using Nook.  however, i've not sideloaded anything.  since i have the Nook and put sideloaded library books on it, i don't need to put them also on the Tab. 


            my big question is why i'm unable to highlight the Nook (and Kindle) books on my Galaxy.  i don't care as much about the lack of shelves.  but surely, highlighting would be a nice feature on the apps.


            (i have the kindle app on the Galaxy because occasionally i want something which isn't available on Nook, so get it on the Kindle)

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              Prior to updating the Nook app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Epic phone I was able to view all of my books on my Samsung Galaxy device.  However since the Nook update on both devices I no longer have the ability to view all of my books or archived items.  I have taken it to Barnes and Noble, I have taken it to where I purchased both devices and to no avail. 


              The common thought is that the update is faulty for Nook when it relates to downloading it to the Samsung Galaxy.  It was also thought that perhaps the next update MIGHT correct the problem.


              I also own a Nook Color which I purchased as an after thought--GOOD THING--otherwise I would be EXTREMELY UPSET right now as opposed to annoyed with the update.


              Since I own a Color Nook and all of my books appear there with no problem since the new update to Color Nook it was also suggested that in order to see my books on my Galaxy that on the Color Nook I archive whichever book I want to read, unarchive it on the Color Nook, then on the Galaxy search for it in my library and try to down load it that way.


              For people who only own a Samsung Tablet I would call Barnes Customer Service for suggestions or send an email to the developer for the app on the market.


              While I am no technician I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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                Can't download NOOK from B&N?? Does anyone have tips....what a pitty!!!!

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                    I am a total technotard and had no problem dowloading the Nook app BUT I did it through the 'Market" button within the Applications.  Just hit the search button in Market and type in Nook.  You want the one for android.


                    I'm having a problem side loading content into Nook on my Galaxy.  I think I'll just wait until the dust settles and use my Nook color for original content in the meantime.