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    Cozi Family Organizer App really is the best!!

      If you love to sync your online calendar with your Nook calendar then Cozi is the best I have seen so far!!  You can either input from the Nook or online and it will automatically sync.  The Cozi calendar will give you your appointment time as well as the date information - i.e. what holiday is on that date.  When you open up the app you will see a daily date book and can indicate whether the appointment is for you or anyone else in your family.  All can share this wonderful calendar.


      And what I love most is the fact that you can make individual check lists for all your needs as well as a grocery list too.  What a terrific app and it's free!!! 


      I bought another app with a calendar but the sync has to be done each time you add an entry and the appointment information does not show up on the calendar - you have to click the individual date to see it.  With Cozi's calendar, your information is right there.   Also with this bought app, you have no way of knowing if the dates are holidays or not.  But with Cozi's free app - you have it all!  Love it!!


      Thank you Cozi for making such a great app!



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          It's only a partial solution for me. We use Google Calendar via iCal on our laptops. Cozi lets me import the Google Calendars, but only as read-only. If I add an item in Cozi on the NookColor, I have to explicitly export it back to Google Calendar as read-only. I don't know if paying for Cozi Gold would make it reciprocate with Google Calendar. I would actually have no problems if we migrated completely from GC to Cozi, but my husband is not willing to because he publishes his work calendar via GC. I can have Cozi pick up the calendars and view them even when I have no connection, so in that regard it is more usable to me than just using GC via Dolphin. I do agree that overall Cozi is very good, and if you don't have the same limitations as I do, it is THE calendar app to use.
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            Cozi seems to be one of those apps that gets a bit lost in the shuffle.  I've used Cozi for a couple of years and I was really happy to see the app available on the B&N app store.  I've tried a lot of calendars that make all sorts of wild claims about how much they can do, but the Cozi suite is really the easiest, most intuitive, and usefull one I ever found.  Glad to see other people are finding it useful as well.