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    Video on nook color

      I haven't been able to get any video to play on my nook color. I have visited youtube mobile and I get a blank screen saying the video is loading but then I get a cannot play video error message.


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          NOOKcolor will not support Flash videos. Most or all videos on www.youtube.com are Flash, which is why you received the message to upgrade the Flash player. Flash will not play on current NOOKcolor.

           Also, network connectivity and firewall restrictions can also cause videos to fail. Most home or open networks should work without issue, but corporate networks and other higher security networks will most likely block the port needed to stream m.youtube.com videos. (UDP Ports; 554, 6700+, etc)

          Also, if the network is extremely slow it is likely that a timeout will occur before playback begins. In both cases, you will see a “Loading Video” notification followed by a “Cannot Play Video” error.


          NOOKcolor does support m4v Videos.

          The aspect ratio and resolutions officially supported are:

           Video Type: MP4, 3GP, 3G2, M4V

           - MPEG-4 Simple Profile up to 854x480

          - H.263 up to 352x288

          - H.264 Baseline profile up to 854x480

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            Due to the lack of Adboe Flash support (expected in the next update), NC supports only the mobile YouTube site (http://m.youtube.com), which runs on HTML.


            Please search for this forum for video support. There are quite a few posts that explain this limitation.

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              will we be able to watch flash videos if we root the Nook?
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                The mobile YouTube site does not require Flash so if you are having a problem viewing those videos it's not because of Flash.


                At the moment the NC runs Android 2.1 which does not support Flash. The update is supposed to be to Android 2.2 which does support it.


                If you root via autonooter you still won't have Flash because it's still Android 2.1. If you change the OS to Android 2.2 or higher you should have Flash (a bit buggy on some of the custom ROMs from what I've read) but you will lose all the B&N functions UNLESS you run another OS from an sd card (which technically is not rooting).