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    nook color touchscreen "dead" areas

      I put a reply in the keyboard sensetivity post below, but decided to start my own thread since my problem appears to have more to it than just the key board.


      When using the keyboard in portrait whether off or on the charger, letters O and K do not work at all on the right side. On the left side letters W,E,R,S,D,F,Z,X, and C do not work what-so-ever.


      I cant even search for books to buy in the shop app with a third of the letters unresponsive. But its not just the keyboard.


      Icons that fall within this approx 1inch strip from top to bottom on the left side are also entirely unresponsive, andt there is about a 1/2 inch strip on the right that is unreliable in its responsiveness, too


      Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?


      I have held the power and rebooted it several times, this seems to speed up the response time of the working areas but the dead areas are still dead. I have not been able to find a way to calibrate it since it is not rooted and I have absolutely no desire to root it. I bought it for reading books & thats all I wish to use it for. It works fine for reading pages turn ok, occasionally it takes a couple swipes or so, but good enough. selecting icons and using the keyboard is frustrating to put it mildly, however. I love the convenience of the shop app and it is currently unusable. I can use my laptop and go through the rediculous adobe digital editions program, but now buying a book has become a dreadfully annoying procedure.


      Any input is much appreciated.

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          Hi - I do also have a number of key issues, but they are generally pretty app/area specific -- if something doesn't work in the web, it will work for "Shopping," etc.). And while annoying as anything my main use is also reading. However, if you're having that much trouble w/simple page turns, I would say you have a bad screen, especially since you have some really location specific problems. If you still have coverage, take/send back (call first); if not, see if you want to pay for the repair. If not, I'd suggest, if you still really want an ereader only and can resell yours for a few bucks for parts, go for the Simple Touch @ $99. Not a great option (at all), but if I absolutely had to start over & didn't want to go refurbished, had no other iptions, I might do it.
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            Do you have a screen protector applied? I have had inconsistent response in some areas, especially with a "stretchy" screen protector. Reapplying or replacing the protector fixed my issues.

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              Hello qabal75,

              I just would like to know how your Nook Color is right now.

              I have the same, exact problem.

              I recently received this Refurb from Ebay today.

              After turning on, you get the Video introduction of the Nook Color, I watch the video and then I am brought to the Terms and Conditions page where the "Decline" and "Agree" buttons are presented. I am able to scroll through the TOC text but I am UNABLE to tap on the buttons! No response at all. I went through several resets, restarts and still the same problem occurs.

              I was able to boot the Nook without registering, by searching through google "Skip OOBE". And from there I realised that there is about an inch wide long section of the screen that is not responding to anything. Any button, menu, checkbox, etc that is in this area is non clickable/non responsive. That was why I was not able to click on the "Decline" and "Agree" buttons because they were in that "dead spot".

              You mentioned the keyboard, when I tried to tap in letters, the entire top row is unresponsive as well. QWERTY and UIOP keys do not work. If I turn the tablet to portrait, those keys work as long as they are not in this "dead spot" section.

              I am afraid that I am on this on my own, I am not located in the United States and it took a month to receive the item. If I send it back, it will take a month to reach the seller, and another month to ship a replacement, if the seller does agree. It's really frustrating, thinking that I may have bought a rather expensive paperweight :smileysad:

              I'll try to contact the Ebay seller and see if there's anything he can do.

              Any response is highly appreciated.

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                i am having the exact same problem.........i really dont know what to do :smileyfrustrated:

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                  Don't know if you've tried this already or not.  But, have you thoroughly cleaned the screen?  (i.e. turn it off, use a microfiber cloth, like you would use on eyeglasses.) A dirty screen will definitely cause problems.

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                    i meet the exact same problem too:smileyembarrassed:

                    the white left area is unresponsive..

                    was this problem caused by my own or...