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    free ebooks

      I just recently found out that if you go to B&N site..type 0.00 in the search bar and choose nookbooks...then click search...lots and lots of free books are available for download.  Some of them are strange or off the wall, but I have managed to find a few good ones also

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          Or, just pick a subject area, and sort by price, low to high.  The free ones will fall to the top of the list (there are also lots in the $0.99 to $2.99 range - often classics that are available for free, but which have been scanned, OCR'd and proofed, and often include the original illustrations, not just the text).

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            If you've been around the forums for a while, you have probably found Free Fridays, but I will post the link again just to spread the word.  B&N seems to be offering more books that really are at a special offer for that day only so it pays to check in on Friday every week.



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              And don't forget the Free Nookbook Summary Thread kept updated by Pink_Maiden (select the last page for the most recent updates)



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                thanks..I love Free Fridays...I check that every week.  I have never seen the Nookbook summary tho...Im goin to check it out...

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                  Thanks for that link, added a couple books to my reading list!

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                    All I find when I put 0.00 and click search are horrible books.  They are erotic, romance, vampire, or books that are of dubious quality. The cover looks like it was drawn by a preschooler  or there is no book description or even worse, the cover and title have nothing to do with what the book is  about (one had a picture of two cats and the title was something like the tale of two kitties, but the book was about sex)!  And the so called free classics are the books I was forced to read in school that I either absolutely hated or did not like enough to read again.  The classics I really liked either aren't available as ebooks (like Martian Chronicles , A Seperate Peace, The Light in the Forest, Hiroshima, and To Kill a Mockingbird) or are outrageously priced (Watership Down $14, The Hobbit $10, Flowers for Algeron $10, Lord of the Flies $9 and Animal Farm $8.  Some are a little high, like Diary of Anne Frank $6 and Brave New World $6.50.  I have only found a few classic ebooks that I liked that were low cost or free- All's Quiet on the Western Front $3, The Jungle $1 and White Fang/Call of the Wild $4 for good copy free for possible poor copy.  I have yet to find a free book of good quality that suits my taste.  And I really wish there was a way to NOT see any of the erotic books-I have absolutely no interest in them and they seem to be the majority of the free ebooks!

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                      Does anyone else hear the Charlie Brown teacher?

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                        Folks...please stop complaining that only crappy books are free.  We post over and over and over again, where to go in the forums to find GOOD ones. You can find them from all different genres, fiction and non-fiction. THe folks who list them even do all the work for you by finding them, listing them by publisher so you will know up front what you might be getting and a link to the free book....It couldn't be any easier. People are picky about what types of books are posted there, so if you can't find something good there, I'd give up and sell your Nook.


                        I have read some incredible ebooks out of the 800+ that I have collected the past two years here ( a few every week as they come available) and I do NOT get every one, only those that I personally am interested in. SOme have been trash, but then, I used to get trash just as often when I paid full price for DTB books, and I lost gas and time going to get it. I love it now that I have such a huge library and if I find out that something is horrible or I just can't seem to get into it...well.....damn...it was free so it doesn't kill me or hurt my feelings to delete the dang thing.


                        It's already been posted above and over and over again where to look for this list so I'm not doing it again for you. Clue:  in the BOOK forums under NOOK Books seems like a logical place that one might look.


                        You have to check the list every day or so some of the books have been free for only a day or two before reverting to their regular price.


                        If you can't find anything to read that you enjoy that is free or cheap enough....then I'm not comprehending why you need a Nook. I'm really not getting it.


                        And there's also the  public library. Again...takes a little work at the first to get yourself set up..but once you do, it's easy, painless and takes little time.


                        I have read more (e)books since I got my Nook and then my NookColor than I ever read before and the number one reason is how easy it is to find really GOOD ebooks for free or REALLY CHEAP and the ease of getting my hands on them.


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                          I am visually impaired and I get bad headaches if I try to read long lists of books.  B&N used to have an advanced search option that let you pare down the search much better than now.  You could block out certain words or phrases and you could block out media.  It would be nice if they could bring that back, that way I could block out some of the erotic garbage and maybe block epubs.

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                            Hi..there used to be a category for free books on the website, does anyone know what happened??

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                              KatsNook wrote:

                              Hi..there used to be a category for free books on the website, does anyone know what happened??

                              Like a lot of other good features that used to be on the website, they got rid of it!