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    My recent pubit upload

      I'm a first time user. I was happy to find Pubit since not only am I an author, I just got a Nook for Christmas.  My book title is "Dorothy-This Side of the Rainbow." It was uploaded Dec. 30 and became available for sale Jan 2.  You can find the book online and using a Nook. And that's great. But when I bought my own book...NOTHING HAPPENED. I got charged for it. (Order #172199594), but no book appewred in myelibrary online or on my Nook.


      I spent no less than four hours (on hold most of the time) asking for someone to tell me why my ebook won't show up. I have no problem with problems. They happen. But when NO ONE can help you...that's not the kind of problem that makes good customer relations.


      The person at the Pubit line 866-597-9863 basically told me to "cool it" and see what happened in a week?  Not the kind of response you want to hear.


      I have no problem taking the book off sale and starting over. And if that's what needs to be done it's no big deal. BUT...I'm afraid I'm going to end up back in the land of Oz.


      Can ANYONE help????????