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    Enhanced magazines no longer enhanced

      All of my current--as of this week-- "enhanced" magazines (People, Time, InStyle) are no longer enhanced.  They have all reverted to tiny, tiny print with the "Article View" as the only option.  Does anyone have any information on this?  I will be cancelling all my subscriptions if the enhanced versions are no longer available on the NOOK HD. 

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          I don't know if this is related to your problem, but in the last month the disappearing magazine cover problem has come back.    I have tried the old solutions - full reboot, archiving, etc., but nothing seems to help, the magazine is without a cover.   I love the convenience of having magazines on my Nook, but it sure is frustrating when part of it is mssing, even if it some would consider it a non-essential feature.


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              I think they are two seperate issues. The cover issue seems like it comes & goes. The loss of enhanced content is probably permanent. People & Time were the last of my magazine subscriptions that were still enhanced. That ended with this week's editions. I still have last week's copies & both magazines have the enhanced content & function fine so I don't think rebooting etc is going to help bring back the enhancements. The latest editions function just like Zinio's mags.


              Over the last few months all of my Conde Nast subscriptions went to this format. The only magazine I have that still has enhanced content is PC World & that's only because it has it's own app (which crashes all the time). I keep getting emails from Vanity Fair that I'm "missing an app" & alludes to enhanced content. They do have an Android app on the GP store so maybe I can get the enhancements back on that magazine. I hope we are not going to need an app for every magazine. The one I have for PC World is almost 500mg!


              I agree, it really takes away from the enjoyment & readability of the magazines. A real step backward.