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    Color Nook Error Message

      When I plug my color Nook into my PC using Reader Library Icon the reader is not recognized and I get the error message:


      An error is preventing the photo or video from being displayed.


      Error Code 0x80010108


      The Nook screen says it is in USB mode.


      Do I need to reinstall the Reader Library sofyware?  Is it something else?


      I can access the Nook as an F drive.


      Thanks for any help.



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          Just to clarify: the Nookcolor cannot be "used" when plugged in via usb. Files can be transferred, added, deleted, renamed, etc. via the computer desktop/file folder interface using the drive that appears for the Nook or for any microSD card that is currently installed. As far as I am aware, one cannot use the Nookcolor interface via the NC touchscreen while in this mode. Sorry if you knew that already or if that has nothing to do with your issue ;0)
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              Thanks for your help.  I discovered my error.  I have a Sony black & white ebook reader & a color Nook.  My error was I used the wrong software for the Nook reader.  I am obviously not "smarter than the average reader."


              Everything is now working well.



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              I believe that the reader library launcher is for the Sony reader. What did you want to do when you connected your NC to your computer. If you want to transfer ebooks from Sony reader library you would need to download Adobe Digital Editions first. In ADE > add item to library > documents > reader library. Once books are in ADE, plug NC into usb and then file can be sideloaded to NC by dragging cover of book over "media." Hope this helps.