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    NC Not Saving last page read

      I've had my NC now for over a year and recently I've been having an issue with B&N content on the NC. If I open a book and read, but then open another book, when I return to the first book the Nook has brought me back to page 1. I then have to return to the last page read, if I can remember what that page was. 


      Is this a known issue, or a problem with my Nook exclusively? If it is a known issue is there a fix for it in the works? 

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          My wife had this problem on one book and we came up with a couple of solutions. The first was to fully power off the NC. To do this, hold the power button down past the power off prompt and wait for the screen to go black. Turn it back on after a minute or so. The other solution was to open the book from your library rather than from the icons on the home page. The library seems to remember the last page opened better than the book cover or keep reading icon on the home page. For good measure we have started setting a book mark on the last page read. Hope that this helps.

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              I've tried all of this. Unfortunately it did not work. It has been a problem now for about a month. Books that I've bought a few months ago work fine. It's very frustrating, because I do tend to read more than one book at a time, and go back and forth between them. Bookmarks work, but only when I remember to use them. I shouldn't have to bookmark the last page read all the time.