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    eBook Pricing

      What is up with the eBook pricing?  Books available as mass market paperbacks are selling for $9.99.  I would willing pay the paperback price, I see no reason to pay more than that.


      Also,  why are so many public work (out of copyright) books not free from bn.com  I thought the relationship with Google would provide these books with no charge.

      Alice in Wonderland is a prime example.  It is clearly non-copyrighted due to its age.  Many versions are available on Project Gutenberg ( www.gutenberg.org ), yet bn.com wants up to $9.99 for a copy?



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            Irrational book pricing?  I hadn't noticed...  :womanmad:


            My best advice is this:  Wait.  The price of any given book is likely to rise or fall with no rhyme or reason.  Some people blame the publishers - and they are certainly interfering with the functioning of the free market.  But I think some of it can be blamed on ...  how do I say this nicely? ...  organizational dysfunction at B&N.  I doubt most publishers are monitoring how much their eBooks are being sold for at B&N. 


            If you don't like the price here, go check out Kobo, Sony, Fictionwise, eReader, and other online eBook retailers.  It's catch-as-catch-can out there - sometimes Kobo is cheaper, sometimes they're not - same for Sony.  But their eBooks transfer to the Nook easily and format nicely.  Be a smart shopper.



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              A lot of public domain books are available from multiple sources.


              You can get "Alice in Wonderland" for free from Google. THis is a book that has been scanned, converted to a text file via OCR software, and then converted to an EPub file. I've downloaded two of the free Google books and all I can say is you get what you pay for. THey were full of OCR and formatting errors.


              I've been told that the free eBooks from Project Gutenberg are much better quality since they have volunteers proof read them.


              The version of "Alice in Wonderland" you are referring to from B&N, is one of the B&N classics that they have reprinted and converted to an eBook. This is a professionally copy edited version that should be free of the very annoying errors you see in the free versions.


              If you search for the book on B&N and sort by price you will see the free versions, low cost versions which are published by the less than scrupulous and are just scans or copies of someone else's free version, and better quality versions from more reputable publishers.


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                Ipkh wrote:

                What is up with the eBook pricing?



                Wow!  What an original idea!


                So, is anybody interested in discussing ebook pricing?



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                    FrogAlum wrote:



                    Okay everybody, sing along:


                    • Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby. 


                    Keep repeating.

                    • 7. Price Hike of e-books for nook

                      i have been away from my nook for a little over a week. Imagine my shock when i went shopping and found that books previously selling for $9.99 were now $10.99, $11.99 and $12.99. i started looking further and saw some books higher than that. When i first got my nook almost all the current titles were $9.99 or less! i think this is outrageous! Now i have this $259 nook, but many e-book prices are going up daily. It all looked so great at the start of this year and last year, but it ain't looking so great now! What a loss leader.


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                        jimallday wrote:

                         Now i have this $259 nook, but many e-book prices are going up daily. It all looked so great at the start of this year and last year, but it ain't looking so great now! What a loss leader.




                        In some cases the ebook costs more than the paperback.

                        An example: Worst Case (Michael Bennett Series #3) 




                        But you can just stop buying from B&N till this gets fixed.  There are many other ebook sources for the nook.  It could be worse.  You might have bought a kindle which would not allow loading from other sources.  


                        There are thousands of free books to read.  


                        Given that every female author has taken to writing nothing but vampire stories of late you won't be missing much by avoiding the new releases and best sellers for a while.

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                          Not buying from B&N won't fix the problem - it's not B&N's fault.  It is the fault of the 5 publishers on the agency model - they are setting the prices and there's nothing that B&N or any of the other retailers can do about it.  All the retailers have to charge the new "required price", so shopping around at other retailers won't help you find a lower price.


                          Regarding the prices for paperbacks being lower - this is because B&N still have control of pricing for physical books, and they're still keeping those prices low.  The only way that they can make the ebooks cheaper than the paperbacks is to raise the price of the paperbacks, and none of us want to see that.


                          If you'd like more info you can do a search on the boards for agency model or required pricing, or read just about any of the other threads that are going right now.

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                            i'll check it out.

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                              Register both nooks on the same account then you can share all your books with no problem.  Sideload any books on the other account and then just use the one account for all BN books.


                              My understanding is whether or not something is lendable is determined by the publisher not BN.

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                                FrogAlum wrote:

                                Register both nooks on the same account then you can share all your books with no problem.

                                The problem with that approach is that then you must share all of your e-books. When one person buys an e-book, it downloads to all nooks registered on the account. When one person archives an e-book, it gets removed from all nooks registered on the account.


                                If you have very similar tastes in books, that might be workable. My wife and I tried it for about one day before I got myself my own B&N account. :smileywink:


                                Plus, supposedly promised for Real Soon Now, is automatic syncing of the current position in the book. And some other stuff, I think. I dunno, I can't keep up with the promises. But anyway, I think it'd probably suck to have your e-book open to where your spouse left off.


                                In retrospect, I shouldn't have gotten my own Adobe account, though.

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                                  FrogAlum - My previous post was not clear on this, but I was told that B&N was working on a way to transfer an ebook from one account to another, permanently.  I *think* that they were working with the publishers on this, but I can't remember if the CSR said that exactly or not.  In any case, this would allow us to give away books, or sell them (though the financial transaction would have to take place on the side), or to loan them longer term (recipient of the loan would have to transfer back, just like in the real world).  The CSR I spoke to did not have a timeline or any specific info.

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                                    Thanks for the info. I'm not sure I want all my wife's chick-lit any more than she wants my who-dunnits :smileyvery-happy: There are a few books that we do like to share, but most are not each other's cup'o'tea. I may wait and see (pray) if b&n wises up and allows transfers of books between Nooks - yeah, right! Hope springs eternal.

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