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    For those who sideload books with Calibre

      If you sideload your books on Calibre, and you have a book series in there, how do you title yours? 


      1. "Book Name"

      2. "Book Name - Series Name, Series Number"


      I'm just curious .. I've been doing it the first way but I'm seriously considering doing it the second way to make it a little easier on myself. I'm a bit OCD so I don't like anything looking out of ordinary, which is why I have been hesitant. I wish our descriptions would show up, but only the ones I've bought from B&N do, lol. 

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          Go to "Edit Meta Data" and you will be able to enter Series Name and Volume Number in separate fields.  I have attached a screen shot....it won't go through though...sorry...



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            I just use the book's title. I prefer not to have my entire library loaded on my NC, so if I want to read a particular series, I just sideload that series. Using the "Edit Metadata" function in Calibre keeps my books organized perfectly :smileyhappy:

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                @suncat:  yes, works fine on the NST. 


                Before you root your NST, make a copy of "noogie," the NST boot disk, and use linux (a virtual machine in the free vmware player will do fine) to make a complete device backup. 


                dd if=/dev/sdX of=touch.img bs=1M


                (or whatever you'd like to call your backup)


                to restore, run the command in reverse:


                dd if=touch.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M


                As long as you're tinkering, once you have a backup you can resize the partitions, too.  My NST has a 200 meg /data partition and close to 1G for /media, and I removed the /data/media/B &N Downloads folder and symlinked to a folder with that name on /media - all my BN content happily downloads to /media/B &N Downloads and I'm able to manage all the content there myself, including the (much smaller than on the NC) magazine files - straight epub on the NST, which I prefer to the silly and quite large NC/NT variants. 


                Resizing's pretty straightforward, it's a matter of deleting /data and /media and then creating them at the size you prefer, I reformat them with mkfs.ext2 on linux, then restart - the NST goes "ooh, this looks like you need a restore" and restores the contents.  The script to restore the contents does not recreate the old paritions, it just copies in the files. 


                But you definitely want an image backup before you start! 

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                I use Calibre so that I can control what device I read my books on.  My husband and I both started out with Aluratek readers.  They were great and still are.  I keep them up to date with all of our books just in case one of our Nook Color's fails.  Like others have experienced sometimes the book cover does not show up on sideloaded books on the Nook Color.  Thanks to Roustabout answering a previous post on the same issue I now have BOOKCOVERS hooray!!!  I spent yesterday using the edit metadata feature and now have covers.  I also am in the process of numbering books in series.  Again kudos to Roustabout!!!! My husband was thrilled to learn that now he can have series numbered and covers.  He is fussier about that than I had been.  Anything to keep him happy using his Nook!!!!!! LOL