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    B&N Ebook listings /FAIL -- lacks genres

      When looking at an ebook in the B&N store you see this:

      The Title of the Book

      by Jack Bookington

      eBook > Learn more

      The "Learn more" links to a pop-up saying what an ebook is. Why not list the genre of the book? The exact place it would be filed. I'd love to see it look more like this:

      The Title of the Book

      by Jack Bookington

      eBook > Learn more

      Fiction>Young Adult>YA: Fantasy

      Make each of the listings a link you can click on to find more like it. If I then wanted to see other young adult fantasy I could click YA Fantasy. If I wanted to broaden my scope I could click Young Adult and get a listing of the young adult fiction. 

      As it is now though you can't easily know what you are seeing other than it is an ebook of some sort. Is it religious fiction, history, romance? No one  knows. 

      I think both the nook and the online ebook store should be laid out in a way that book lovers actually "get". We visit libraries and book stores in person and like things to have a place and it it is not in it's place we can at least turn to the copyright page and see the filling there.


      ps I hope this isn't a "dead horse" topic already.

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          Nope, no dead horses here!  :smileyhappy:


          They do this to a certain extent, it's above the book.  I used Twilight as an example...


          If you look right above the book cover, you will see the following links:


          Home > eBooks > Teen Fiction - Romance and Friendship


          I agree they could certainly do a much better job of it.  What really irks me is the format doesn't hold, if you click on the Teen Fiction link, you would think they would all be the eBook version, nope it brings up all books.


          I've run into this time after time, if I've already told the site I'm looking for eBooks, the link (as it appears above) should take me to the eBooks of that genre NOT all the books in the genre.

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            Well look at that. and here I was all frustrated. My, that is way up and off to the side with a small size font. But hey, at least it is there at all. I'll have to try and make some use of that. 


            I blame having always bought traditional books from traditional book stores. I'm still getting used to trying to look for books in a meaningful way on my nook and here online.



            Ok, so I tried that and it totally threw me out of ebooks and into this massive selection with every format. So I scrolled down on the side bar to format... no ebook choice to narrow the selection. :/

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              The functionality of the B&N eBooks section and this forum leave a lot to be desired.  I haven't been able to login since Saturday.  I know a lot of you think that's a good thing!  I think John Sargent was behind it - trying to silence the loyal opposition.


              But Rav makes a great point - too often this website tosses and turns and flips you around.  Not user-friendly.  And they promoted the guy in charge of the B&N web operation to CEO!?