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    Battery Life

      I can leave my Tablet plugged in all night use it for 10 mins and the power will be down to 65%...
      It's been this way since i bouth it and tthe usp cord to the charger has cracks in it...

      cheep manufature?
      just me?

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          How old is it? If you only recently purchased it, I'd definitely take it by the store for a swap. If it's still under warranty, call 1-800-THE-BOOK to see if you've got a defective battery, in which case you can probably get a refurb swap. If the problem is the cable or charger, they should also be able to identify the problem and arrange a replacement.


          If you're out of warranty, all I can suggest is trying another cable & charger to see if it helps. The battery may have died prematurely.

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              about oh 3-4 months old...
               don't want a refurn and it's up to the company to test ech product thourogly befor relesing it to the consumer...

              i dun want a refurb... i want what i paid for...
              thinl i'll by a kindle hd next

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                  If this was a problem from day one, you should have taken it back immediately instead of waiting 3-4 months. Refurbs from B&N are usually in very good shape, I would take one before living with a bad battery. At minimum, calling support should get you a new cable and/or charger.

                  Buying a Kindle will cost more, but go for it if that's what you want.
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                      I went through the whole battery draining thing a while back. What I found is that if you turn off the Power save option in settings your battery life will improve greatly. I know it doesn't make sense but it works for me. I also downloaded the "your app manager". It lets you stop apps that are running in the background.